• Set the foundation: Is your business a startup or early stage small business in need of savvy leadership, but not enough hours or budget to support a full time hire? A Fractional CMO can guide the early foundation of your marketing engine till you are ready for the big hire.
  • Fresh perspective: Do you need someone that can bring fresh eyes to a number of branding, messaging, and marketing challenges? Someone that can help craft a marketing strategy and priorities, then implement the plan?
  • Critical Initiative: Do you have a significant marketing challenge to overcome requiring expertise that you don’t have in-house? Examples might include:  a content strategy and blog writing, creating a video series,  or marketing a product launch.
  • Points on the Board: Do you have a number of marketing ‘wish list’ projects that never get done? Do you need someone that can come in and push a number of diverse marketing projects across the finish line?
  • Brand Stewardship: Is your sales team spending valuable time creating their own resources, presentations, and pdfs? Your messaging is likely to become fragmented;  a Fractional CMO can unify the messaging and keep your brand on track.
  • Marketing Team Guidance: Do you need someone for an interim period to manage and mentor junior marketing staff, while you search for the right long term leader?
  • Take Marketing to the Next Level: Perhaps your company has had success and growth with no true marketing leadership, but now you need to take things to a higher level or position for an acquisition.
  • Interim Leadership: Are you between marketing executives, and would like an external leader to re-evaluate the marketing fundamentals, or provide leadership to junior marketing staff while you consider your long term direction.

These are a few of the situations that businesses have found well suited for a Fractional CMO.  They can solve real problems quickly, rather than lose momentum with the status quo, or rushing forward with a full-time hire too quickly.

Contact us to discuss your marketing challenges, and how we can craft an engagement that is right for your business.